Sep 5, 2013

Writer's Conference, Edward's Heart, and Genealogy

So, it's been a bit and I thought I'd go ahead with a quick update.

In August, I was blessed to attend the Oregon Christian Writer's Conference here in Portland. I met many interesting people, learned a ton, and am quite thankful for having had the experience. I met with a mentor and an editor, attended numerous classes, and got to re-connect with a former boss.

I also finished up and have the first three edits done on my first full-length manuscript, a novel titled Edward's Heart, and began two more books during the month. One is book two in the same series as Edward's Heart, which seems like it will be five, possibly six books in length.

I've been busy, to say the least. For aside from writing and getting in a lot of reading and some Pinterest-ing, I've also done much genealogical research, including finding some information people have been seeking for over 50 years, much to my delight.

It has been intense; it has been a thrill; it has been exhausting, but it has been worth it.

I hope to get back to Coaching Tips soon. :)


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